A Leading Company in Architectural CG and Experiential Marketing Solutions in Dubai | UAE

Archviz Solutions

Think of it as a customizable experience enabler for any real estate project. Prospective buyers get a first hand exposure to a project’s features through its cutting-edge Visual Engagement Experiences. Archviz Solutions - 3D Renderings, Flythroughs establish a Physical Connect with the product leave a lasting impression.

Experiential Marketing Solutions

We create perfect partners for real estate marketing initiatives. As the bridge between a lead and lead conversion, we provide Interactive, Immersive and Engaging platforms to help customers experience your project(s). At Sparrow we have gone beyond conventional Architectural CG and 3D work and also developed expertise in Interactive Scale Models, Immersive Curved Screen AV Rooms for Immersive Theater Experiences, 5D Installations, Multi-touch Technologies, Holographic Displays, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality solutions.

Turnkey Brand Center Environs

'Archinovate' is our dedicated arm that develops concepts and designs for Brand Centers / Sales Hall Environments for upcoming Real Estate Developments. Archinovate brings together the best in Space Design, Space Communication and Technology. It has earned a well deserved reputation for creating experiential solutions that create moments of engagement and impulse Purchase.